Glock® Case Decal Graphics Installation Instructions

Items needed for installation: Spray bottle of soapy water, hair dryer and soft cloth.

1. Remove any stickers from areas on case where decal graphics will be placed. Then clean plastic and remove any adhesive residue from the case.

2. Before removing backing paper, remove the small hole cut-outs from decals (5 holes on front, 4 holes on back).

3. Remove backing paper from the first decal. Spray down the adhesive side with a spray bottle of soapy water, apply to case and slide it around to line up decal holes with extrusions on the case. Use a hair dryer to dry moisture, make the decal more pliable and help the adhesive begin to cure. Repeat this step for the other side.

5. Use your fingers and a soft cloth to squeegee out bubbles and moisture from the center outward. If you need to pull the whole decal back up and start over, thats okay just try to keep your fingers off the outer edges of the adhesive side. 6. Let it dry and cure for 48 hours.